Utah Scholars Recognition Application

Seniors! To earn the Utah Scholars Recognition certificate and medallion, you will need to earn a total of 200 points. You must complete the three required tasks for a total of 75 points, and you decide what optional activities you complete to earn the remaining 125 points from the optional section. The tasks can have been completed in any grade. The grade-by-grade options are suggestions to keep students on track. This application closes March 31. (THIS IS FOR SENIORS ONLY)

Utah Scholars Medallion Application

  • (This is the name that will appear on your Utah Scholars certificate)
  • I understand that the Utah Scholars Recognition Application is not an application for the Regents’ Scholarship. By signing this form, I certify that all information provided regarding my Utah Scholars Recognition Application is true and accurate. I also certify that I am in the 12 grade and graduating from high school this year.