Purpose of a Leave of Absence

A leave of absence is used to put your Regents’ Scholarship “on hold.” Use the leave of absence application if you have qualified for and received one or more scholarship payments. A leave of absence is generally used when you are serving in the military, have a major medical issue, or for humanitarian/religious service reasons. Leave of absence requests for reasons such as traveling, attending a non-eligible college/university or working to save money will not be approved. Requests for a leave of absence are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, with no guarantee of approval. Even if you are granted a leave, the scholarship will still expire five years from the date of high school graduation.

Applying for a Leave of Absence

Leave of absence requests are due by the following deadlines:

  • August 1 if seeking a leave beginning Fall semester
  • January 15 if seeking a leave beginning Spring semester (Winter semester if attending BYU)

Leave of Absence Due to Humanitarian/Religious Service Reasons

  • You must be of age to serve and set your availability to serve on or before December 1 (if seeking a leave for Fall semester) or April 1 (if seeking a leave for Spring semester or Winter semester for those attending BYU) . You will need to submit documentation verifying this with the leave of absence application. If you do not yet have your mission call, the request may be granted on a provisional basis until you have submitted a copy of your mission call to the Regents’ Scholarship office.
  • If you will not be of age to serve a mission and do not set your availability date as outlined above, you will not be eligible for a leave of absence. Therefore, to remain eligible for the scholarship, you will need to continue attending school enrolling in 15 credits.
  • If you return early from your mission, you must contact the Regents’ Scholarship office immediately as the terms of the leave of absence are now void. Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of the scholarship.

Leave of Absence Due to Medical Reasons

  • If you are seeking the leave of absence due to medical reasons, you must provide a formal doctor’s note describing your individual circumstances which prevent you from meeting the scholarship requirements. Information related to the medical condition must be current (less than 3 months old).
  • Leave of absence requests related to medical reasons are typically only approved a semester at a time.

Tips and Considerations

  • We STRONGLY recommend that you complete a Student Information Release form especially if the leave of absence is for a reason that would make it difficult for the Regents’ Scholarship office to communicate directly with you. By submitting the Student Information Release form, you are allowing someone other than yourself to obtain information regarding your scholarship account. The form is also contained within the leave of absence application.
  • When returning from a leave of absence, you will follow the instructions provided on the Renewal and Payment Request Instructions document in order to “re-activate” your scholarship.