Students who qualify for the Exemplary Academic Achievement award are required to renew the scholarship each semester. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the scholarship. Renewing the scholarship is done through your Regents’ Scholarship account. If you are a scholarship recipient from the graduating classes of 2012-2015 and have not set-up your account please contact us for specific instructions.

Please note, students who deferred their scholarship immediately after high school graduation will need to follow similar steps as if they were renewing, the only difference is that they will not need to submit proof of completing a previous semester since they have not actually attended college previously.

Rules for Renewing the Scholarship

The Renewal and Payment Request Instructions document contains step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the required documentation to renew your scholarship.

  • Students must enroll in and complete 15 credit hours earning a 3.3 GPA each semester in order to maintain eligibility.
  • Deadlines for renewing the scholarship and submitting a Leave of Absence request have changed. See below.
  • Faxed or e-mailed documents are not accepted.

Deadlines For Renewal

Payment requests and all renewal documentation must be uploaded through your student portal by the following dates:

  • Fall Semester – September 15
  • Spring/Winter Semester – February 1
  • Summer Semester – June 1

Deadlines For Leave of Absence Requests

For guidelines regarding requesting a Leave of Absence, read the Leave of Absence Information. If you’re submitting a request for a Leave of Absence you must do so by the following deadlines:

  • Fall Semester — August 1
  • Spring Semester (Winter Semester if attending BYU) — January 15

2018-19 Award Information

Based on legislative funding, the award amounts for those attending college during the 2018-2019 college academic year Fall & Spring Semesters (Fall & Winter at BYU) are as follows:

  • The Base award will be $1000 one-time.
  • The Exemplary award is $1,250 per semester.
    • Students must renew their award every semester.
  • The UESP supplemental award is subject to the amount saved through the UESP program, with the maximum scholarship award being $400 one-time.


Funding levels beyond Spring Semester 2019 are unknown. Award levels are announced each April for the upcoming academic year and can be found on this website. Award amounts are determined annually and are subject to legislative funding and the total number of qualified participants. Award amounts may be reduced, may vary from year to year, and are dependent on when the recipient is enrolled in college.