Discontinued: StepUp Utah Scholars

The StepUp Utah Scholars program is being discontinued. We encourage you to still follow the grade-by-grade checklists as they will help you prepare for college. Please visit UtahFutures.org for all college preparedness resources.


Getting ready for college can feel overwhelming. There’s so much to do! But don’t worry, the checklists below can help so you know what to do during each grade to be ready for college!

While you can complete these steps at any time, it’s best to do several each year so you stay focused and on track. Don’t forget to keep track of which Next Steps you complete!


By completing these steps, you’ll be more ready for college by the end of your senior year.


***The StepUp Utah Scholars Program is not a scholarship program. For more information about the Regents’ Scholarship or New Century Scholarship visit regentsscholarship.org or newcenturyscholarship.org.