Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment (CE) provides an opportunity for Utah high school students to explore college classes and earn college credit from Utah’s eight public colleges.

Think of Concurrent Enrollment (CE) as an opportunity to explore what it is like to be a college student:

  1. CE classes are college classes. You experience college academics first-hand: read a college textbook, take college exams, write college papers, and learn how much studying is needed to
    pass a college class. CE classes are taught by college instructors.
  2. You gain “college knowledge.” To take a CE class, you must apply for admission to a college, pay an application fee, meet college deadlines, and use the campus online registration system to enroll. Talk to a college CE advisor about choosing classes, how to pay for college, and exploring majors that meet your interests and career goals.
  3. You save money. Through the CE program, you can take college classes at a deeply discounted cost. Currently, tuition for CE classes is $5 per credit, $15 per three credit class.  On college campuses, tuition and fees for a three credit class costs between $450 and $1,600. This low-cost opportunity is possible because of funding from state government and support from colleges,school districts, and charter schools.  Students taking CE classes last year saved $41 million in tuition.
  4. You earn both college AND high school credit with each class.