What classes should you take to be ready for college?

You can go to college no matter what classes you take in high school. But, to be best prepared for college and to avoid taking remedial classes (which can cost you extra time and money) once you get there, try taking these classes in grades 9-12. Aim high and challenge yourself!

English – 4 credits

Math – 4 credits (Math I, II, and III, plus one class beyond Math III)

Social Science – 3.5 credits

Science – 3 credits (lab-based, such as biology, chemistry, and physics)

World Language – 2 credits (a world or classic language taken in a progressive manner)

Earn college credit in high school.

Earning college credit in high school is a great way to get a head start on your college education. It’s best to earn credit that applies to your general education requirements. General education classes help you be more well-rounded, develop your thinking, writing, and problem-solving skills, and expose you to various subjects. No matter what you study in college, you’ll have to take general education classes in English, math, science, arts, humanities, and social science.

Advanced Placement (AP) & International Baccalaureate (IB)

AP classes are challenging high school classes that prepare you for college with more advanced material. AP courses are writing and research intensive and emphasize study and test taking skills. Based on your score on the AP exam offered at the end of the school year, you could also earn college credit. AP exams cost around $93 per subject. (AP is offered at most Utah public high schools. Ask your counselor about AP options.)

IB diploma students take classes in six subjects, perform community service, and write an extended essay.  IB courses focus on thinking, speaking, writing and research skills, and emphasize inter-cultural understanding. Earning a passing grade on IB exams or earning an IB diploma can make you eligible for college credit. (IB exams cost around $116 per exam. IB is only offered at some high schools, so check with your high school counselor.)

Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

CE classes are college classes that help you gain college knowledge and save money. You will earn both college and high school credit with each class. Learn more.