Why College

What does ‘college’ mean? It’s up to you.

So, what exactly is college? It means anything from a one-year certificate to a four-year degree and beyond. It can mean an associate degree in Nursing, a bachelor’s degree in Business, or a certificate in Diesel Mechanics. But no matter what higher education looks like to you, it can lead to success in the form of better pay, less unemployment, and most of all — opportunity.

Step Up to the challenge — It’s worth it.

College is more than training for a career. It’s about discovering yourself and learning to think and live independently. It’s about life lessons, social skills, and acquiring more information about areas of interest to you. Which in turn, will help you live a happier, more successful life.

Studies have shown that when you continue your education after high school, you are almost always likely to make more money than people who stop at high school. Plus, a college degree will increase your chance of employment by nearly 50 percent. Don’t sell yourself short — higher education really does pay off:

College is for everyone.

You ARE college material. Put aside any doubts you may have, and start believing in yourself. Even if you don’t have the best grades, you can still attend college and graduate. Keep these things in mind if you’re ever feeling discouraged:

  • Different colleges have different admissions standards. In Utah, there is a college that is right for you.
  • You can take the ACT and SAT tests multiple times to improve your scores. Colleges and universities will use your highest score in determining placement and admissions eligibility.
  • Several schools have open admissions policies, which means they will accept all students who apply. A two-year community college may be a great place to get started on your college education.

Utah College Application Week

UCAW gives high school seniors in partner schools the opportunity to apply for college during the school day.

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Be ready for college. Take the right classes.

Begin building a strong academic foundation by taking the right courses in high school.

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Degrees, Certificates & Majors

Learn the type of education you’ll need to follow your dreams.

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Paying for College

With many funding options available in the form of scholarships, grants, and more — you CAN go to college.

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Students, what should you be doing now?

Grade-by-grade checklist

Make sure you do these things each year in high school to be college ready!

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While preparing for college, you’ll come across new terms and acronyms galore. Use this glossary to become fluent in college speak.

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