About Utah Scholars

Utah Scholars are prepared for the real world.

What is it?
The Utah Scholars Initiative is a high-impact academic program intended to motivate you and students like you to complete a defined curriculum while in high school to better prepare you for college. We focus on helping you understand the academic preparation needed to succeed in college and in the workforce.

You will hear about Utah Scholars through 8th grade presentations, given by volunteers from local business, community, and education leaders. Our volunteers talk to you about why college is important, what you can do now to prepare for college, and how to pay for it.

Utah Scholars students follow the specific course curriculum  below (that exceeds the state’s current graduation requirements), but still leaves lots of time for electives. If you follow this curriculum below, you will be able to graduate with the Utah Scholars distinction and receive a certificate and a medallion to wear at high school graduation.

Steps to becoming a Utah Scholar:
Step 1: Sign Up
Step 2: Take the right classes
Step 3: Stay on Track (Utah Scholars need a 3.0 GPA and no grades lower than a C)
Step 4: Launch into College (Apply to college when you’re a senior in high school)

Utah Scholars students take the following courses in grades 9-12:

Curriculum_GraphicContact Utah Scholars: 801-321-7179| info@utahscholars.org

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