Choosing a College Major

Discovering your interests is half the battle.

Pursuing something you are genuinely interested in makes college a more enjoyable experience. Plus, it will lead to a more rewarding career in the future.

Assessments are valuable tools for helping you identify individual interests, strengths, and opportunities. can direct you to potential career and educational areas that match well with your natural talents. Take a moment to explore before you decide on a college major or program.

Do you know what you want to study in college? Utah colleges and universities offer a wide selection of majors. An up-to-date list of certificates and degrees offered at Utah colleges and universities is also available at

Degrees, Certificates & Majors

Learn the type of education you’ll need to follow your dreams.

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Be ready for college. Take the right classes.

Begin building a strong academic foundation by taking the right courses in high school.

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While preparing for college, you’ll come across new terms and acronyms galore. Use this glossary to become fluent in college speak.

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Paying for College

With many funding options available in the form of scholarships, grants, and more — you CAN go to college.

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