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Creatively engaging and talking to students about higher education is key to keeping them on track and enthusiastic about their future. Use the downloadable resources below to help create a college-going culture at your school.

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USBE Counselor Conference 2017 Resources:

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2016-2017-College Guide

This guide includes a wealth of information including admissions deadlines, financial aid contacts, tuition amounts, housing options, and much more. Encourage students to take a copy and refer to it as they continue on their path to college. And, of course, keep one on hand as you talk with them about post-secondary education options in Utah. View and Download


Download a FAFSA quick-guide, which helps explain which year’s FAFSA students should be filing.

Download the 2016-2017 FAFSA DIY Kit or the 2017-2018 FAFSA DIY Kit to help you host your own FAFSA Completion event.


Use videos from our YouTube channel to play in your classroom, school monitors, etc.

 Radio and TV Spots

If technology allows, play radio spots over the intercom in the morning or while the students are changing classes. If you have a televised student news show, play the TV spots during the program. Make them a part of assemblies and presentations. TV CommercialsRadio Ads

Classroom Essay Prompts

Teachers can use these classroom essay prompts to encourage students to think about and discuss higher education. View and Download

Fortune Teller Sheets

This grade-school favorite is yet another opportunity for students to become more familiar with the types of degrees and careers available, while engaging with their friends. View and Download

Wall flyer

Higher education is all about the individual. What are your students’ dreams? Have they given it any thought? Use these wall flyers as a display of all the unique aspirations of your students. View and Download


Download the file and use multiples to create a wall display. View and Download

Paying for College Events/FAFSA Open House events

Host an event for parents and students to attend and complete the FAFSA to ensure they are on track for financial aid. Get more information about FAFSA and learn about upcoming events in your area