Grade-by-Grade Checklist

Make sure your child is on track.

Make sure students know that 9th grade is when classes and grades make it onto the high school transcript — which colleges will see. Now is the time for students to start developing good study and work habits, which are critical to success. Make sure your child is taking the right courses to prepare them for college work.

Prepare yourself, too. It’s never too soon to save for higher education. Even small amounts invested regularly can potentially grow to be a sizeable sum. A tax-advantaged Utah Educational Savings Plan 529 college savings account can help.

Grade-by-grade checklist

Your support is their success. Use the following chart as an outline to help your child effectively prepare for higher education.

Before 9th grade

  • Help your child establish good study and work habits
  • Set goals for their future, and list out specific steps detailing how to achieve those goals
  • Explore career options with them and consider all possibilities
  • Learn about course requirements for the Regents’ Scholarship
  • Consider having your child sign up to be a Utah Scholar
  • Consider opening a Utah Educational Savings Plan 529 college savings account for your child

9th grade (Remember: This is when grades become a part of their high school transcript.)

  • Encourage your child to start thinking about future careers and areas of interest
  • Help them take the right courses and develop good study and time management habits
  • Involve yourself in school programs and work with teachers and counselors
  • Support your child’s decision to participate in extracurricular activities, as these may lead to a future major or career
  • Track your child’s progress on meeting the Regents’ Scholarship requirements
  • Consider visiting Utah college or university campuses while on vacation or on breaks

10th grade

11th grade

12th grade (Deadlines are very important at this stage.)


  • Get them signed up for the ACT if they plan to take it again (August – December)
  • Visit potential colleges and universities with them on “open house” days
  • Complete college applications and request transcripts as soon as possible
  • Once applications are complete, ask about financial aid deadlines for each school
  • Find potential scholarships with the Scholarship Search
  • Encourage your student to continue focusing on their grades and avoid “senioritis.” Those final grades matter!
  • Encourage your child to apply on time to meet the priority deadline for the Regents’ Scholarship



  • Watch the mail for college admission decisions and financial aid information
  • Visit the colleges where your child has been accepted to help make final decisions
  • Encourage them to finish strong and maintain a good GPA
  • Attend your child’s high school graduation and celebrate their big day
  • Final Regents’ Scholarship documentation is due by July 1