Utah College Application Week


Utah College Application Week

When surveyed, over 90 percent of middle school students say they plan to go to college, yet only about two-thirds of students actually attend. We believe “if you can dream it, you can achieve it,” regardless of roadblocks you can reach your dreams by stepping up to higher education. For this dream to become a reality a student must take an important step toward college by filling out and submitting a college application prior to the admission deadline.

The goal of UCAW is to provide every high school senior at our partner schools the opportunity to complete at least one viable college or university application during the school day with a particular focus placed on students who would be the first in their families to attend, low-income students, or students who may not have otherwise considered applying.

In 2013, Utah piloted College Application Week in just three school districts and eight high schools. In 2014, Utah College Application Week expanded to include 49 high schools in 15 districts with over 10,000 senior student participants. In 2015, 25 school districts and 83 schools participated with over 21,000 applications submitted. Ninety percent of participants reported that participating in UCAW increased their interest in going to college,  96 percent said it increased their understanding of the application process, and 87 percent said it increased their likelihood to seek help with applications.

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To learn more about participating in the 2016 Utah College Application Week campaign, contact Maria Martinez, mmartinez@ushe.edu.

About the National Campaign

The American College Application Campaign (ACAC), an effort of the American Council on Education (ACE), is a national initiative to increase the number of first-generation and low-income students who pursue a post-secondary education. The purpose is to help high school seniors navigate the college admissions process and ensure each participating student submits at least one admissions application.

The ACAC initiative began in 2005, in a single GEAR UP North Carolina high school in Chatham County. Since that time, the program has expanded statewide in North Carolina with every district and over 470 high schools participating annually. Since 2008, the number of states implementing a College Application program has been growing. In 2013 Utah joined ACAC as the 39th state. In 2014 all states jointed this national campaign. More information on ACAC.

The Utah College Application Week program is under the direction of the USHE Outreach and Access Department; Maria Martinez is the Utah College Application Week Program Manager (mmartinez@ushe.edu).