Future applicants (grades 8-11)

Learn what you can do to prepare to apply for the scholarship.

The Regents’ Scholarship Program Guide outlines the requirements for the scholarship for high school students graduating in 2019 or beyond, including the courses that will satisfy the scholarship requirements. A new guide is produced each April for the upcoming high school academic year. It is important to review the requirements annually. Do not rely on past scholarship information as it is out of date. 

Students are encouraged to use the Regents’ Scholarship Planning Guide in conjunction with the Program Guide to map out the classes that they have completed and plan to complete in order to meet the scholarship requirements.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to read and understand the requirements of the scholarship. If you have questions regarding the requirements please contact us directly. Please note, official information regarding the Regents’ Scholarship is produced by the Utah System of Higher Education or the Utah State Board of Regents. Do not rely on information published by any other entity.