Ask your student:

What do you want to be?
Encourage your student to ask around, explore, and see what careers may interest them. 

What type of degree will help you get there?
Work together to discover if they need a one-year certificate, a four-year degree, or beyond to pursue their chosen career path.

What kind of college environment do you want?
Some students will thrive in a large college setting, while others will prefer a smaller, more intimate collegiate experience. What’s best for your student? Luckily, Utah has many different sizes and experiences available right here in the state. Help them find colleges and universities that offer the program they are interested in along with any other activities that your student desires: clubs, sports, lifestyle considerations, etc.

Where do you want to live?
A city? A small town? Something in between? Now, will your student be living at home or moving away? If moving away, there are many on- and off-campus options. Know that students who live on campus often do better in college and socially.

 How do WE make it happen?
Together, explore and empower yourself with information regarding deadlines and requirements to help your student stay on track with admissions and remain eligible for their chosen college(s).