StepUp resources just for educators! Talking to students about higher education and creatively engaging them in planning for their plans is key to keeping them on track and enthusiastic about their future. Use the resources below to help create a college-going culture at your school.

2017 USBE Counselor Conference Resources:

Presentation: Math Pathways for College-Bound High School Seniors
Presentation: CTE Certificates and How CE Gets Students Started
2017-18 Exploratory Majors Pathway
2017-18 CE Math Placement Guidelines

Popular Requests:

2018-19 USHE Institution “Facts at a Glance”
2018-19 Grade-by-grade checklists
College and Career Readiness Recommendations to High School Students
Questions for student campus tours
2018 USBE Student Advocacy Services Conference Presentation: What’s New and Exciting from the Utah System of Higher Education and the StepUp Programs
UACEP Presentation: The 3 QLs: Getting Students on the Right Math Pathway (March 2017)
UACEP Presentation: The “Getting your Generals Out of the Way” Myth and Other Fairytales (March 2017)

2018-19 College Guide:

This annual guide provides a wealth of information for students, educators, and parents about post-secondary education, including admissions deadlines, financial aid contacts, tuition costs, and housing options. Encourage your students to take a copy and refer to it as they continue on their path to college.


If you’d like to host your own FAFSA Completion event for the 2019-20 FAFSA, please download and use our 2019-20 FAFSA DIY Kit.

FAFSA Completion Open House Events

Host an event for parents and students to attend and complete the FAFSA to ensure they are on track to receive the financial aid they qualify for. Learn more about the FAFSA or request an event in your area.

StepUp Utah Scholars presentation

Before you give your first StepUp Utah Scholars presentation, we have created a webinar that you can watch. The webinar explains the background of the program and walks you slide by slide through the presentation that you will deliver.

StepUp Utah Scholars 2018-19 presentation

StepUp Utah Scholars Volunteer Training Materials

Student College Readiness Resources

Create a college-going culture in your school by using (or encouraging teachers to use) the following resources in classrooms, assemblies, presentations, or even over the intercom while students are changing classes.