The Regents’ Scholarship Course Warehouse is a tool to help students, parents and counselors know which courses qualify for the Regents’ Scholarship. With your help students will be able to enroll in their courses with confidence that the courses will help them qualify for the scholarship!

Each Utah school that offers courses for 9-12 grade students has the opportunity to submit their English, Math, Social Science, Science and World Language courses for review. The Course Warehouse displays information related to the courses such as: course titles, credits they can earn for completing the courses, any special notes about the course and the status of the course such as approved, approved with conditions, not approved and archived.

If a school has not submitted courses, students can use the Commonly Accepted Courses list to help guide them in what courses they should complete. The titles listed here are generic in nature and may not match the titles used at each individual school.

Creating an Account

Creating an account is easy! Go to, in the upper right hand corner click on “Representative click here” and follow the information to register.  Each school can have up to two active representative accounts. If there are staff changes at your school, we can easily deactivate an account, allowing for a new representative to be added; please give us a call and we will help you. Once your request is submitted a staff member from the Regents’ Scholarship office will approve your account, allowing you to then submit courses for review.

Submitting Courses

Once you have been approved to submit courses for review, you will log in and click on “Add New Course”. Fill out the information for the course and submit it for review. You can add multiple courses at a time.

We recommend that you gather the following information about each class prior to beginning the process of entering it into the system for review (some find it helpful to collect it in an excel or word document to then be able to cut and paste the information into the form). For each course you will enter:

  • Course title as it appears in your schools catalog
  • Course title as it appears on student transcripts
  • A course description such as what appears in the school catalog. If you school does not have a course catalog the description should provide basic information about what the class will cover.
  • The 11 digit state course code: Each course has course code associated with it that provides information about the course. Note: for private schools who do not have state course codes please use 11 zeros as the course code.
  • Subject (i.e. English, Math, Science, Social Science, World Language)
  • The number of credits the course is worth and if it provides core graduation credit.
  • Pre-requisite information (if applicable)

Remember, only submit course information for English, Math, Social Science, Science, and World Languages. If you are submitting a large number of courses, plan on an hour or two to submit the course information (if you have collected the information ahead of time as suggested).

Although there is not a deadline, we do recommend that you revisit the courses each year to submit any updates. If there are no changes, you simply indicate such with a click of a button. Your school’s course list will be updated and ready to go for the next year. If a course needs to be updated or edited, you can easily do this by logging in to your account and using the edit button. This will allow for the most current information to be available for students.  

Once the course information is submitted, a Regents’ Scholarship staff member will review the information. If we have any questions, we will reach out to you for clarification. We expect the review to take no longer than 4 weeks. Once everything is reviewed you will get a message from us. If you submit a course during peak application times (generally November-February and June-August) it may take longer than normal.

Using the Message Center

Regents’ Scholarship staff will communicate with you through your Message Center regarding course reviews and any questions that may come up. When a message is sent to you, you will receive an email to log in a check your messages. Please note that the Message Center is tied to your school account and any messages there can be seen by other representatives for your school, both current and future. This is to allow for historical context regarding course questions and information. Please do not send messages with questions about specific student situations through the Message Center rather email ( or call our office (801-321-7159). 

Connecting the Course Warehouse to the Application

The information submitted for the Course Warehouse will eventually tie into the application, allowing the student to select course titles from the school through which the course was completed. This will allow students to see course titles they are familiar with rather than generic titles, thus having greater confidence that they are reporting the correct courses on their application.


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