Utah Scholars Program Update: What Students Need to Know

You most likely heard about the Utah Scholars program in the 8th grade when a presenter came into your classroom and talked to you about the benefits of college; why you should go, and what you need to do to get there. This college-readiness program is designed to motivate you to complete specific tasks from

What I Learned Working In A College Prep Class: Utah AVID

By Katie Wornek, Outreach Officer and Financial Aid Expert – June 1, 2017 When I first moved from Nevada to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah, my brain was flooded with emotions. For the first few weeks of school, I lived off excitement, adrenaline, and a LOT of coffee. But I was

March Madness: Finish out the school year strong!

By Katie Wornek, Outreach Officer and Financial Aid Expert – March 22, 2017 March Madness is college basketball’s biggest event. Coincidentally, the last few months of the school year are some of the most important parts of the entire year! It’s important to finish out the school year strong. This month, fans from all over

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Colleges want to help you succeed!

Beginning college can be an exciting time in your life and a little scary. Figuring out your major and buying textbooks are just a few of the many things you’ll have to do. Colleges and universities want you to have a fantastic and successful college experience, and wherever you attend, you should take advantage of the resources

12 things I learned as a college freshman

By Ericka Hughes Being a freshman in college can be super rough if you’re unprepared. Since I just finished my freshman year, I figured I would share a few pointers on what I learned and how to survive!!!! Make a budget and stick to it. This one is super important (probably why I put it first).

You should take 15 credits per semester. Here’s why.

By Sumiko Martinez on June 9, 2016 By now you might have heard about “15 to Finish” – basically, that you should take at least 15 credit hours per semester of college in order to graduate on time. Full time enrollment is usually considered 12 credits/semester, but there are a lot of great reasons to

Don’t be bored this summer! 6 fun things to do

By Erika Norton on April 1, 2016 6 Things to Do to Make Your Summer Awesome 8 & 9 graders, before you know it school will be out for the summer. And I bet that most of you are looking forward to a break from school.  Summer is a great time to hang out at

Education and Success Series: Part IV

By Sumiko Martinez on January 28, 2016 Welcome to the final installment of StepUpUtah’s Education and Success series! If you missed the first three posts, you can check out Part I here, Part II here, and Part III here. Keep reading for this week’s profiles. Lexi Coon Lives in: South Jordan, Utah Attended: Salt Lake

Education and Success Series: Part III

By Sumiko Martinez on January 21, 2016 If you missed the first two weeks of the Education & Success series, you can check out Part I here and Part II here! Read on to hear two fresh perspectives. Heather Flash Lives in: Seattle, Washington (formerly Salt Lake City, UT) Attended: University of Utah Degree: B.S.,