StepUp Spotlight: Meet our new College Access Manager, Lais Martinez

Hey! My name is Lais Martinez and I am the new College Access Coordinator for StepUP. I am passionate about making applying and getting to college easier for all Utah students. When I am not talking with students about getting ready for college, you can find me, watching my favorite movies on repeat (Selena, Stand

StepUp Spotlight: Meet Our Community Outreach Manager, Steve Rogers

My name is Steve Rogers and I manage the StepUp Utah efforts that focus on helping students and their families pay for college. For nearly fifteen years I have had the opportunity of helping people through this very important and sometimes challenging process. If there is one thing that I have learned in all that

StepUp Spotlight: Meet Our Communications Specialist, Genna Erickson

Hi! My name is Genna Erickson, and I’m the Communications Specialist for the Utah System of Higher Education where I work behind the scenes with the StepUp team to write content, help with the website, and design the brochures, posters, and other StepUp materials you see at schools around the state. I’m originally from Utah Valley

StepUp Spotlight: Meet our Utah Paying for College Experts, Katie and Jacob

We’re happy to tell you all about our amazing Community Outreach Officers in this week’s StepUp Spotlight. Jacob and Katie are both fairly new additions to our team and we couldn’t be happier to have them. Not only are they great outreach officers, FAFSA wizards, and Paying for College Experts, they’re also wonderful people who care

StepUp Spotlight: Meet Erika Norton, Utah Scholars Program Manager

Hi! My name is Erika Norton and I am the What is the Utah Scholars Program? Program Manager. Utah Scholars is an awesome program that helps students be more prepared for college. Our goal is to help you succeed and achieve your dreams. I started out volunteering with the program and that led to a