6 Ways To Finish Your School Year Strong

By Katie Wornek, Outreach Officer and Financial Aid Expert – January 23, 2018 2018 is here and that means the school year is nearly half over! Here are some expert tips for keeping your momentum in the months leading up to summer break and finishing your school year out strong… 1. Plan ahead From homework

Apply Today for StepUp Utah Scholars Recognition!

StepUp Utah Scholars wants to recognize you for going above and beyond as you have prepared for college. Students who have met the requirements will earn the StepUp Utah Scholars certificate and medallion. Follow these steps and apply today.   1. Meet the Requirements You will need to complete at least 20 Next Steps from

New Grade-By-Grade Checklists

By StepUp Utah Scholars Program Manager, Erika Norton – Posted on September 28th, 2017 Here at StepUp Utah our main goal is to help students achieve their big dreams. Do you want to be a video game designer or a doctor? A college degree will help you achieve your goals. We can help you get

12th graders: What to do NOW before you graduate

By Maureen Brakke, on March 24, 2016 You’re almost done! I bet you’re excited. College is fun, but a lot of work. Here are a few things you can do NOW before you graduate to help make your life easier when you start college: SPRING: Visit any colleges you’ve been accepted to, and ask about

10-11 graders: What to do NOW to prepare for college

By Maureen Brakke, on March 24, 2016 Are you doing everything you can to prepare for college? Here are some things you can be doing in 10-11 grade to help prepare for college. That way, when it’s time to go to college, it’ll be a little easier for you. Plan to take the right classes

8-9th graders: What to do NOW to prepare for college

By Maureen Brakke, on March 24, 2016 “I’m only in 8th (or 9th) grade. Why do I have to think about this now?” Think it’s too early start preparing for college? Time goes FAST, so it’s a good idea to start helping yourself now. That way, when you’re ready for college, it’s a little easier. Here

Things you can do NOW to prepare to pay for college

By Agustin “Tino” Diaz on March 17, 2016 @TinoJrDiaz Dear students: let’s talk about how you can plan to pay for college as early (or earlier) as 8th grade. If you wait until you’re a senior year in high school to start saving for college, it might be a little more difficult. The sooner you prepare, the