#WhyUtahColleges: Utah System of Technical Colleges (UTECH)

The Utah System of Technical Colleges (known as UTECH) consists of eight technical colleges across Utah. Technical colleges offer shorter degree and certificate programs (as opposed to two- or four-year college degree programs) designed to qualify students to work in a variety of career fields. Technical colleges play an important role in today’s workforce. According

#WhyUtahColleges: LDS Business College

  LDS Business College (LDS BC), located in downtown Salt Lake City, is operated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   LDS BC’s mission is to help its students enhance both their spiritual wellbeing and academic strengths through providing them with relevant, in-demand, and market-ready skills. LDSBC’s programs are designed“for students who

#WhyUtahColleges: Utah Valley University Has a Place for You

By Colton Simons Transitioning to college is a totally daunting experience.  You are facing a major change that will affect every day for the rest of your life.  No pressure, right?  Wrong!  This is a big deal, and no one is going to try and tell you otherwise.  That’s why we at Utah Valley University

#WhyUtahColleges: Why Weber State Is Just Right For Me

By Sydney Tesch, Current WSU student     As my high school senior year came to an end, decision-making crunch-time loomed. After the scholarship acceptance letters came, I instantly felt that Weber State University was just right for me.   I grew up in Ogden, so I thought I might go away to school. I

#WhyUtahColleges: Why Dixie State University is My Perfect Place to Learn

By Erin Hakoda. Erin is a senior studying mass communication at Dixie State University. She came to St. George from Hawaii to pursue her passion for writing and public relations. On her time off, Erin enjoys dancing and exploring nature. When I was deciding where to go to college, the mere thought of it presented both

#WhyUtahColleges: My Decision to Join the University of Utah Family

Hello Friends, My name is Rakin Hall and I am the new Executive Director of the Office of Admissions at the University of Utah.  I recently relocated to the beautiful state of Utah two months ago from southern California. My decision to join the University of Utah Family was easy based on myriad factors. I

#WhyUtahColleges: My University of Utah Experience

By Erik Helgeson   Greetings to all the students of Utah! I’m very excited to be able to write to you all and share with you my experiences living in Salt Lake City and attending school at The University of Utah. Just to give you some background about myself, my name is Erik Helgeson and