StepUp Spotlight: Meet our new College Access Manager, Lais Martinez

Hey! My name is Lais Martinez and I am the new College Access Coordinator for StepUP. I am passionate about making applying and getting to college easier for all Utah students. When I am not talking with students about getting ready for college, you can find me, watching my favorite movies on repeat (Selena, Stand

What to do if you missed out on Utah College Application Week

Missed out on Utah College Application Week at your school? Haven’t applied for college yet?     Don’t panic! It’s not the end of the world. You still have time to apply for college! And StepUp has the resources to help.      Decide where you want to apply. Take some time to research colleges

New Grade-By-Grade Checklists

By StepUp Utah Scholars Program Manager, Erika Norton – Posted on September 28th, 2017 Here at StepUp Utah our main goal is to help students achieve their big dreams. Do you want to be a video game designer or a doctor? A college degree will help you achieve your goals. We can help you get

Personal Statement Writing Tips: The 3-Month Statement

By Burton Rojas, Director of Development for Latinos in Action – June 15, 2017 Recently a student from Alabama got accepted to Yale with a personal statement about pizza. I haven’t read that student’s personal statement but I’m confident it was written in a way that told the readers something important about the writer, not just about pizza. Perhaps

Six things I wish I knew before I applied to college

By Jason Terry @uvufutures Working as an admissions counselor is an exciting thing. Every day I get to watch students prepare for one of the most life changing experiences they will ever have–the college experience. No other time in your life will you be exposed to so many opportunities to improve yourself, meet lifelong friends,

What you need to know about the ACT

By Steve Rogers ACT. Are there any other three letters that strike more fear into  your hearts? Placing those three letters in that order creates such a sense of panic that many  dread learning anything more than is necessary about what those letters represent and why it is important to them. The intent of this

My experience transferring from USU-Eastern to Weber State

By Kira Tadehara  Scrolling through the directions of how to apply as a transfer student from USU-Eastern to Weber State University was pretty daunting. In case you don’t know what a transfer student is, a transfer student is a student who has already completed 30 credit hours at one college/university, and then moves or “transfers” to another college/university without