StepUp Spotlight: Meet Our Community Outreach Manager, Steve Rogers

My name is Steve Rogers and I manage the StepUp Utah efforts that focus on helping students and their families pay for college. For nearly fifteen years I have had the opportunity of helping people through this very important and sometimes challenging process. If there is one thing that I have learned in all that

5 Things to Consider When Choosing to Work During College

By Katie Wornek, Outreach Officer and Financial Aid Expert – July 1, 2017 If you’re thinking about working while attending college, you’re definitely not alone. A 2015 Georgetown University study found that 70% of college students work during college. Beyond providing money to help you pay for school, working at a job will help you

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5 Reasons to Attend New Student Orientation

By Katie Wornek, Outreach Officer and Financial Aid Expert – July 1, 2017 It’s already July, which means, if you are attending college this fall, you’re probably feeling very excited and a little bit anxious right now. The new school year is right around the corner, and whether you’re just starting college or transferring from

Learnin’ & Earnin’: What You Should Know About Federal Work-Study

By Katie Wornek, Outreach Officer and Financial Aid Expert – July 1, 2017 Since today’s blog discusses work…a lot…I think we should lighten up this post by starting with a joke. Why did the can crusher quit his job?… …Because it was SODA PRESSING! All jokes aside, work can be a fun, engaging, and fulfilling

College Question from a Utah Parent: Searching and Applying for Scholarships

Utah Parent Question: “Hi! We’ve really struggled to find scholarships that are legitimate ones my son can apply for. His grades are stellar, he’s on track for the Regents Scholarship, but we’d like to figure out where the best places are to find other scholarships. Any suggestions?” Expert Answer (from StepUp Outreach Officer, Jacob Newman): 

Personal Statement Writing Tips: The 3-Month Statement

By Burton Rojas, Director of Development for Latinos in Action – June 15, 2017 Recently a student from Alabama got accepted to Yale with a personal statement about pizza. I haven’t read that student’s personal statement but I’m confident it was written in a way that told the readers something important about the writer, not just about pizza. Perhaps

What I Learned Working In A College Prep Class: Utah AVID

By Katie Wornek, Outreach Officer and Financial Aid Expert – June 1, 2017 When I first moved from Nevada to Salt Lake City to attend the University of Utah, my brain was flooded with emotions. For the first few weeks of school, I lived off excitement, adrenaline, and a LOT of coffee. But I was