You’re getting closer to going to college. You are only in high school for a few short years. You’re also probably excited to relax over summer break which is almost here! If you want to make sure you’re on the right track for college this summer, make sure you fit in a few things that will help you prepare for college too:

  1. Visit a college campus: Visiting a college campus this summer is the perfect time. Colleges love when you come to visit their campus and they have students whose job it is toCollege-visit give you a campus tour and tell you all about their college. The easiest way to schedule a college campus tour is to go to their admissions page on the college website. Call them or look for a link that says “Schedule your Visit.” You can also find tour information in our Utah College Directory. Start planning your visit now! Download a list of questions to ask when you’re on a campus visit.
  2. Get a summer job: During the summer, you’ll have a lot of free time. Use it wisely and get a job. If you know you’re interested in a specific career, try getting a job or paid internship in that area. This will help give you the experience and skills needed for your resume. Also, remember to save some of that money for college. Talk to your parents about opening a my529 account which is a savings account specifically for college.
  3. Read: There are many reading lists out there with a variety of books that’ll help you stay sharp over the summer. This will also help keep you sharp for upcoming tests and the ACT. Check them out!
  4. Look for scholarships: Stay on track for the Regents’ Scholarship if you’re pursuing it. You should also be looking for lots of other scholarships. A good starting point is to check out UtahFuturesScholarship, and
    • Tip: When you visit colleges this summer, ask about scholarships. Many colleges post their scholarships on their financial aid website and on department-specific websites.
    • We also have a great Scholarship Toolkit to help you apply for scholarships.