#10 – Small School, Small Classes and a Tight-Knit Student Body


  • Snow College has one of the smallest campuses in the state
  • Our average class size is 16 students, even for freshmen doing their generals
  • Our main campus (Ephraim) has just over 3,000 students (roughly 1/10 the population of the largest campuses in the state)
  • It makes for a very friendly environment; we are small enough you can always see a familiar face, but large enough you can always meet new people when you attend activities and events


#9 – Youngest Campus in Utah


  • We have the youngest student group in the state- nearly 80% of our students are between the ages of 18-21, making for a really fun, energetic and social student body.
  • Our students are primarily freshmen and sophomores, so freshmen are essentially upper-classmen from the moment they walk onto campus and have all the opportunities they can handle from their first semester on


#8 – Multiple Scholarships That Are Stackable


  • Many of our scholarships are stackable, meaning you can add them together to make college even more affordable
  • We offer thousands of academic scholarships every year and hundreds of additional scholarships in several areas including Performance (Music, Dance, Theater, Athletics, Art, Honors), Leadership, Departmental, Private and Diversity


#7 – Transferring to a University After Snow = Academic Success and Transfer Scholarships


  • Universities frequently come to our campus to recruit our students that are finishing their education at Snow College because of the high levels of success these students have when they arrive at the university
  • Snow College transfer students make up some of the best and most accomplished university graduates in and outside of Utah
  • Transfer scholarships are offered by nearly all of the 4-year institutions in Utah and they generally start considering students with at least a 3.5 college GPA
  • For transfer scholarships, high school performance is no longer taken into consideration, they only care about your college GPA
  • The best transfer scholarships in the state offer full tuition to transfer students for their last 2 years of school


#6 – Nationally Ranked Collegiate Athletics


  • We have excellent athletic programs including Football, Men’s & Women’s Basketball, Men’s & Women’s Soccer, Women’s Volleyball, Women’s Softball, and Men’s & Women’s Rodeo
  • This year our football and volleyball teams finished top 10 in the nation among junior colleges; Women’s soccer also finished nationally ranked


#5 – Fun Student Life on a Traditional Residential Campus


  • Snow College is one of the last few remaining 2-year colleges with a residential campus
  • There are so many things to get involved in; there are tons of student activities, clubs and organizations, performances, intramural sports to play and recreational facilities available to students, all free of charge
  • Ephraim is a college town with an entire community that supports the college and its students


#4 – Opportunity to Succeed


  • Our academic success rate (81% graduation & transfer rate) is one of the very best in the nation, so students have a fantastic chance to be successful in the classroom
  • Because of the small class sizes, you easily have access to your professors and are able to receive personalized, individual attention and instruction
  • Our classes are always taught by professors and not by students


#3 – Fantastic Associate’s and Bachelor’s Degrees


  • We have over 100 programs that students can study while completing generals and pre-requisites to obtain an Associate’s degree
  • We offer two 4-year programs, in which students can earn their Bachelor’s degree at Snow: Music with an emphasis in Commercial Music, and Software Engineering
  • Some of the most popular majors on our main Ephraim campus include the Performing Arts, Registered Nursing, Engineering, Business, Computer Science and General Education
  • The most commons majors on the Richfield campus include Cosmetology, Automotive Technology and Welding Tech
  • We also offer over 70 online classes for those that aren’t able to study on our campuses
  • We have specialized accreditation for several programs including Music, Theatre, Business and Nursing


#2 – Most Affordable Tuition, Fees, and Housing in Utah


  • As of the 2017-18 school year, Snow College’s tuition & fees for one year (2 semesters) was only $3,692, literally half the cost of some of the universities in the state
  • Our average cost of on-campus housing is approximately $1,850 per year (2017-18)
  • Based on these average housing costs, students in Utah can live on campus at Snow and have the traditional college campus experience while paying LESS MONEY for their schooling and housing than staying home and attending a university


#1 – Consistent Ranking as One of the Best2-Year Schools in the Nation


  • We are nationally ranked in multiple areas of higher education including Academic Success, Affordability, Professor Ratings, Student Support and College Campus


**BONUS** – You Can Come Spend the Weekend Living Like a College Student


  • We offer Snow Blast Overnight Campus Experiences for high school juniors and seniors that want to get a preview of Snow College
  • You will have the opportunity to hang out with our college students, attend the campus activities and events and stay overnight in student housing with our student leaders
  • This is the best way for students to check out our campus and have a much more immersive and authentic student experience to see if Snow College is a good fit


Come and see what Snow College can do for you! Follow this link to see the remaining Snow Blast dates for this school year: https://www.snow.edu/admissions/snowblast.html