StepUp to Higher Education wants you to succeed in high school and move on to get a higher education. Other organizations also want this for you too, including Future Scholars of Africa (FSA).

Are you an immigrant, refugee, or asylee from Africa? StepUp to Higher Education and FSA are teaming up to bring you resources and information that will help you learn how to finish high school strong and prepare for a bright future.


Future Scholars of Africa’s founders and leadership members.

What is Future Scholars of Africa?

Future Scholars of Africa (FSA) is a Utah-based nonprofit organization created by students, for students. We assist with scholarships, books, mentorship programs, applying for FAFSA, and more. Future Scholars of Africa is doing more than just building the future of tomorrow. FSA believes in the power of bringing communities together to solve educational problems one at a time. We want to inspire students to dream of college and a better future.


One thing that makes FSA stand out from other nonprofit organizations is that it is made up of entirely of refugee-immigrants from different parts of Africa, and we understand how difficult it can be to navigate your way through a new society. For this reason, FSA not only supports students in their education, but we also serve as role models for our African peers.

How Can Future Scholars of Africa help students?

FSA provides high school and college students with scholarships, mentorship, and free tutoring in all subjects. All of our services are customized to fit the needs of each student. For example, for high school students planning to go to college, we provide mentorship for on how to succeed throughout college. We also provide strategies on how to keep up with grades and homework. We help students stay motivated and on-track for graduation.


How can I get involved?

Contact us if:
• You are interested in receiving help from FSA, or if;
• You want to offer your support to FSA (you can get involved by volunteering for our events, assisting with fundraising, or providing tutoring and mentoring to students.)

Contact information:
Facebook: Future Scholars of Africa
Instagram: Future Scholars of Africa

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