Written by Paying for College Expert Katie Wornek – Posted on November 6, 2018

In honor of Native American Indian Heritage Month (November), StepUp is taking time to reflect on the importance of culture, equity, and diversity on our college campuses. Here are just a few of the higher education resources designed to celebrate and support American Indian students year-round.

Scholarships and Financial Aid



Areas of Study

If you are interested in specifically studying American Indian history, contemporary issues, culture, and society, check out these programs:


On-Campus Resources


Institution Resource What They Offer Website
Brigham Young University Dean of Students Native American Technology Initiative
  • Resources to help students reach their academic and career goals
Dixie State University Native American Student Association
  • Student-run club
  • Community activities
  • Social and cultural awareness
  • Leadership development
Salt Lake Community College American Indian Student Leadership
  • Student-run club
  • Peer support
  • Cultural appreciation
Snow College Multicultural Center and Native American Club
  • Student-run club
  • Activities and cultural events
  • Academic support
  • Scholarship and financial aid help
  • Tutoring services
  • Community service and volunteering opportunities
Southern Utah University Native American Student Association
  • Student-run club
  • Community activities
  • Social and cultural awareness
  • Leadership development
University of Utah American Indian Resource Center
  • Student-centered programs
  • Academic support
  • Cultural and personal wellbeing
  • A “home away from home”
  • Community involvement
Utah State University Native American Program
  • Academic support
  • Leadership development
  • Resources for paying for college
  • Recruitment and outreach
  • Counseling
Utah Valley University Native American Initiative and Native Wolverine Association
  • Student-run club
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Tutoring programs
  • Performance and dance groups
  • Multicultural student council
  • Admissions and scholarship/financial aid assistance
Weber State University American Indian Council
  • Student-run club
  • Activities and events that honor Native American cultures
  • Community and campus engagement
Westminster College Legacy STEPS
  • Financial aid support
  • Mentoring
  • Research and writing support
  • Access to student events


For even more resources for achieving success and wellbeing in higher education, contact your college or university or reach out to our StepUp team: