By Sara Dorsey – Outreach Coordinator at Lt. Governor’s Commission on Service & Volunteerism


1. Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarships are available specifically to those who volunteer and give back to their communities. By volunteering, you can find new ways to pay for college.

2. Gain Work Experience

Now is the perfect time to start building your resume! By volunteering, you can develop skills you will need in your future career, and add community service to your resume.

3. References for Jobs and Higher Education

You will need references if you are heading to college, or if you are jumping right into employment. By volunteering regularly, you can network with professionals and receive the references you need.

4. Use Your Skills to Meet Community Needs

Do you love reading? Gaming? Sewing? Whatever your passion may be, you can find a way to use the skills you have to strengthen and improve your community!

5. Make New Friends

By volunteering, you can meet new people and work alongside others who are committed to making a difference.

6. Learn to Lead

Being a volunteer in your community will give you the chance to take charge in community efforts. The leadership skills learned while volunteering will grow your confidence, and will serve you well in college and your future employment.

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Sara Dorsey – Outreach Coordinator
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