My name is Wisam Khudhair and I am Refugee Youth Mentor Program Coordinator in Catholic Community Services’ Immigration and Refugee Resettlement in Utah.


I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Utah. I am originally from Iraq. I fled to Utah in 2010 with my family; we left our country to escape the threat of death and search for a new life and future.



In Iraq, I studied at a university and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economic Science.  When I came to the US, continuing my education was the first goal I wanted to reach. Education is important to me because it empowers me and expands my ability to turn my dreams into reality. A great education will help me secure a career I love and help me adapt to American society.

Although school is not an easy journey, I enjoy being in school. I love acquiring knowledge, hearing a variety of perspectives from other students, and making new friends.


During my journey in higher education, I have faced challenges such as overcoming language barriers and navigating the American education system. But I am finding the support I need to be successful from my university and from students who have become my friends.


In the end, I encourage all new Americans to continue their education. Do not stop dreaming and work hard to reach your dreams. Do not let the challenges that you will face stop you. Find the people who will give you support to be successful your education journey. Education is the path that will lead you toward your dreams.