A Utah student named Brooke reached out to us after our last newsletter asking a question that we hear and frequently, “How do I choose the right college?” In case you didn’t already know, we’re all about helping Utah students and their families prepare and pay for college and well equipped to answer that question! Here’s what Outreach Officer, Jacob Newman, had to say to Brooke…



Hi Brooke,

That’s a great question! And a difficult one to answer simply. I would suggest that you take a look at our college guide and look at page 28 in particular. Here are four questions to ask when considering what school is right for you:


1. What is your dream job?


Think about what you want to do after high school and college. What kind of job do you want? If you begin with the end in mind, you’ll be able to plan accordingly.


2. What kind of degree will get you your dream job?


Remember that college is not just a four-year degree. To do your dream job, you might need a one-year certificate, two year degree, four year degree, or more. Explore the programs at the colleges you are considering and talk to some of the professors. Talk to students who are studying what you might like to study to see what they like about the school that they are attending.


3. What type of college campus best suits you?


Do you want to stay close to home or go far away? Do you like a big city or a small town? Do you want to live in a dorm or off campus? A campus tour can help you determine if the campus is the right fit for you. This way you can also meet current students and get to know a little bit more about what life on campus is like.


4. What advice do your family, friends, and community have about college?


Ask people you trust about college, what they found challenging, and what advice they would give to you. People have different opinions and it’s good to get a wide range of opinions before you make a decision.

Best of luck with your decision! Please let us know if we can help you in any other way on your college journey. -Jacob at StepUp Utah

Do you have college questions or concerns? Reach out to us at outreach@utahsbr.edu at any time.