By Sydney Tesch, Current WSU student



As my high school senior year came to an end, decision-making crunch-time loomed. After the scholarship acceptance letters came, I instantly felt that Weber State University was just right for me.


I grew up in Ogden, so I thought I might go away to school. I typically craved adventure and change, so you may wonder why I chose this school so close to home. There is something special about the feeling on campus; students surrounded by a beautiful environment soaking up quality education and opportunities for growth. Weber State University adapts to and incorporates the surrounding community. Endless opportunities here make it a place full of adventure and change!



Students benefit from the private school-esque small classes, welcoming campus, and professors who love teaching.


Every class I have taken from English and Spanish to Music and Environment Appreciation has included activities and discussions which have prepared me for the career world. Since you can truly get to know your professors, they often invite students to participate in research and be a part of hands-on learning.



A teaching-based institution, Weber State promises that each student will receive instruction from a professor with credentials, and never by a professor’s assistant.


WSU’s average student to professor ratio is 21:1 which means that students know professors and they know you. And besides learning my name, I have had professors connect me with research, internships and job opportunities.



#WhyWeberState? More than 225 programs and 200 clubs, opportunities abound!


I’m learning that the college experience gives whatever you are willing to put into it. Something unique about Weber State is that it seems to give even more than what I put into it. With more than 225 programs and 200 clubs, opportunities abound. My favorite organization on campus is the Community Center for Engaged Learning. Here, students from all over collaborate to help and serve the community. This past break I took the opportunity to join the Community Center for Engaged Learning in Guatemala where we learned about and helped with food sustainability.



Weber State University offers accessibility to many free resources right on campus.


One of my personal favorites is the gym. As a student, you can use ANY equipment there for free. With racquetball, pickleball, swimming, various intramural sports, Zumba and yoga classes, every student has a place at the gym. Students can also work with a personal trainer.



Weber State is about providing great opportunities at a great value.


I am lucky to benefit from some of their amazing scholarships. Because of the low tuition and generous financial aid, students who attend can graduate debt free!



The inventor of the VISA card, the former VP of Marketing for Nike, and many local, large company owners have all graduated from Weber State University.


An appealing consideration for me, when choosing Weber, was the number of successful people who have graduated from the university. Would you believe that the inventor of the VISA card, the former VP of Marketing for Nike, and many local, large company owners have all graduated from Weber State University? Students in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences have a 99% job placement rate upon graduation. Every health professions program at WSU is ranked in the top 10% in the nation. Students in every college receive hands on opportunities and experiences in and outside of class.



Weber State University values education and adventure!


My first semester I went on a camping trip with the Outdoor Rec Center. I have attended many sporting events (all free to me,) and gone to so many great events held by the University. In each aspect, student life focuses on what the students actually want. Some of my greatest memories and greatest friends have been made in these student life activities.



Choosing Weber was easier than I ever thought it would be.


As I decided to attend the school that knew me personally and truly cared about my time during college, and outside of it, I instantly knew that Weber State University was just right for me. I invite you to come and see it for yourself, who knows, you could discover that it is just right for you, too –

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