By Erik Helgeson

Greetings to all the students of Utah! I’m very excited to be able to write to you all and share with you my experiences living in Salt Lake City and attending school at The University of Utah. Just to give you some background about myself, my name is Erik Helgeson and I am originally from Madison, Connecticut. I am a sophomore at the U acquiring a Bachelor’s of Science in Health, Society, and Policy with a minor in Nutrition. In addition to this I am also a University Ambassador for the Office of Admissions Welcome Center and the current Sergeant-At-Arms for the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity.



Deciding where to go to pursue a post-secondary education is certainly one of the most stressful and challenging decisions made by the youth today. As an out of state student, I was certainly nervous to attend The U, not necessarily because it was so far away from where I called home, but because I constantly thought to myself “How am I going to find a place to fit in at this University?”



These fears quickly went away within the first two weeks of school. As a freshman student living on campus, I was ceaselessly exposed to the different events that flooded the campus available for incoming first year students. The housing department was very involved in student life, going the extra mile of advertising and doing outreach to the first year students to get them excited about being involved on campus. The famous “Plazafest” is one of the university’s most popular events, where many of the 600+ clubs and organizations, such as Student Government and GreekLife, do tabling with their representatives to give students the broad exposure of what organizations or groups of students exist on campus. It was through this where I met one of the representatives for the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity and in my second semester, I became a proud member. By my second year, I began serving on the Executive Board as Sergeant-At-Arms.

In due time, I eventually saw a flyer that stated “Apply to be a University Ambassador and share your signature U experience with students.” I knew immediately that this was the job for me. From volunteering and being active in high school, I knew that I loved working with students, and to have the chance to work with high schoolers, give campus tours, work in recruitment, and share my signature University Experience, was simply an opportunity I could not pass up. I submitted with my application and resume and after 2 interviews I was fortunate enough to get the job!



The University of Utah has truly become my new home. It’s the place where I was able to make new long-lasting friends and learn to become the best person I can imagine. Here on campus, we have a saying: Imagine U. This statement acts as the incentive for students to be as structurally, socially, and academically profound as possible. It is quite literally my job, as an Ambassador, to inform and educate students about the incredible opportunities that await them at this school. I love telling people about the university’s resources and I love inspiring them to apply so that they will succeed, not just as students, but as contributors to the university’s community.

Congratulations to you all, and good luck in your future endeavors!

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