By Erin Hakoda. Erin is a senior studying mass communication at Dixie State University. She came to St. George from Hawaii to pursue her passion for writing and public relations. On her time off, Erin enjoys dancing and exploring nature.

When I was deciding where to go to college, the mere thought of it presented both the frightening prospect of leaving home for the first time and an exciting new chapter of my life. However, what I didn’t expect was that I’d find a new home at Dixie State University.

From the moment I stepped foot on the beautiful campus in scenic St. George, an unexplainable feeling of belonging washed over me. There was a feeling of community that I would never have experienced at a large university. Everyone at DSU is so friendly and the students here are actually living DSU’s motto, “active learning. active life.”

St. George is the perfect place to learn. We’re surrounded by numerous outdoor activities and I love that I don’t have to put on five layers of clothing just to get to class. Not to mention, 300 days of sunshine and a daily dose of vitamin D really help keep me motivated and in a good mood year round.


St. George is the perfect place to learn.



One of the highlights of going to school at Dixie State is that I’m not confined to one learning environment. I have taken a science lab in Catalina Island, worked on the school paper to hone my writing skills, and even gotten elective credits by scaling the wall of a canyon. Throughout my college search, there were no other schools that offered such engaging and cutting-edge learning experiences.

Dixie State University offers a wide variety of academic programs to accommodate the diverse student body and is consistently pushing the envelope in business, health science, technology, and more. There are a lot of new things in the works here, and it’s really exciting to be a part of it all. Being involved in all the happenings on campus is something I’d never get to experience elsewhere. I’m actually disappointed to be graduating soon because I want to stick around to see all the growth that’s happening over the next few years.



With 200 academic programs (and counting), there’s a lot going on all around campus.


Plus, I can’t even express how valuable it is to learn in a small class setting. Class size wasn’t a big factor when I was weighing schools, but now that I’m in college, I realize how much of a difference it makes. I’d choose having a teacher know me personally versus being one face out of a sea of faces in a packed lecture hall any day. Every student here is offered hands-on applications to things they’d normally only hear about in a lecture hall. The discussions we have in class and the projects we work on are directly related to things I’ll be doing in the workforce one day. I’ve also already applied what I’ve learned in class to internships and other real-life experiences.

I am continuously impressed by the amount of one-on-one attention I get at DSU and the opportunities available to me for such an affordable price. I know that when I graduate, I’ll be ready for my future, and as a bonus, I’ll have minimal student loans.



But the best part of coming to Dixie State University is that it feels like a second home. The professors are welcoming, the students are outgoing, the setting is idyllic, and the opportunities are endless. There is no better time to be a Trailblazer. Visit for more information or, better yet, come down to St. George for a campus tour!

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