Choosing where to go to college can be a crazy ride! There are a lot of great options out there– finding the best fit for you can be hard. BYU has a lot to offer! We wanted to share our reasons Y we chose to come to BYU. Hopefully our experiences can help you find your own reasons Y!


Meet Kortlynn


Hey! I’m Kortlynn, a senior at BYU studying public relations. I’m from a tiny town in Arizona. I started my college journey at a local junior college, but after my mission I decided to apply to BYU. Here are my reasons Y:

  • Awesome Programs: BYU is a very hands-on school. Our professors prepare us to use what we learn and inspire our learning. I’ve had incredible opportunities to apply what I’ve learned with real clients in my program.


  • Spiritual Learning: I wanted to go to a place where I could study with the spirit. I’ve loved that even outside my classes I’m able to freely apply everything I’ve learned, both spiritually and secularly.
  • The World is Our Campus: Part of getting a great education is learning from other people and cultures. I was drawn to BYU because we have an amazing study abroad program covering 57 countries. I get to go study in New York this spring and then go to Germany in the fall! The world really does become your campus and we’re able to learn wherever we go.


Meet Garret


My name is Garret! I’m from Lehi, UT and currently studying Physiology and Developmental Biology. Here are some of my reasons Y:

  • Enter to learn; go forth to serve: I chose to come to BYU because I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself. One of our mottos is “enter to learn; go forth to serve,” which pretty much sums up the purpose of a BYU education. Here there’s a combination of a commitment to rigorous standards of excellence, but without forgetting that the whole point of gaining knowledge is to make the world a better place. It’s been personally enriching to be a part of a community of very different people, students and faculty, with different perspectives and talents, who are all committed to this same mission. Even though everyone here shares a commitment to common values, students come from all different walks of life, nationally and internationally—it’s amazing how much variety and diversity there is here! We’re not perfect by any means, but I love the commitment there is to continuously strive to better live up to these lofty goals. It’s a privilege to have my name connected with that of this institution. I’ve loved my time at BYU and I’m looking forward to doing my part to continue this legacy and mission as I “go forth to serve.” 



Meet Lauren


Hey future cougars! I’m Lauren, a sophomore at BYU from Boise, Idaho studying marketing & communications. Here’s my college experience and Y I chose BYU:

  • Education: One reason I chose BYU is because I knew I’d be going to a school that offered a great education. We consistently rank among top universities for engaged learning, best colleges, and best-value schools!
  • Fun Atmosphere: BYU isn’t just about academics, it has something for everyone! At BYU, I have discovered things that I love to do and have found people that I love to be with. Between camping outside in the freezing cold for a football game, and hiking the Y at midnight, I absolutely love the fun atmosphere that BYU offers! I’ve also joined many different organizations like A Capella club, Women in Business club, and the BYU Intramural Program.


  • Home Away from Home: BYU is more than a school to me, it’s home. There’s no campus quite like BYU. I love the legacy and tradition that BYU carries. I am grateful for all the memories that I’ve made so far, and I will never forget my time here as a student. #blessed

These were just some of our reasons Y. Come visit our campus and see if you can find your reasons Y!

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