When people think about Snow College, they often think of our main campus located in Ephraim. Did you know though, that Snow College actually has two campuses? Our Richfield campus is located about 50 miles south of Ephraim in Richfield, Utah and has a small student population (less than 1,000 students). With our small class sizes and several “hands-on” programs available, Snow College Richfield might just be the right fit for you!



With the same affordable tuition as the Ephraim campus, you’re likely to save nearly $2700/year just on tuition and fees compared to attending a four-year university! There are also literally hundreds of scholarships available to Snow College students to help them pay for school. Whether you’re wanting to study welding, diesel mechanics, or computer information systems, we offer specific departmental scholarships to our students who attend the Richfield campus. Those scholarships can also stack with other scholarships such as Resident Academic scholarships, leadership scholarships, and private scholarships.



Many of our Richfield students are looking to graduate with their associate’s degree and begin working in their career field right after graduation while others plan to transfer to other four-year universities to earn their bachelor’s degree. The Richfield campus offers over 25 programs where you can earn certificates or even an associate’s degree in areas of study such as automotive technology, cosmetology, natural resources, and nursing. The following programs are some of our top programs in Richfield.


Transportation Technology: Automotive, Diesel & Heavy-Duty Mechanics:


If you love working on cars/trucks or enjoy working with your hands, then one of our transportation programs might be the right fit for you! Most courses within the programs are set up with 1/3 of the time learning in class and 2/3 of the time working in the shop. To learn more about these programs, visit snow.edu/auto.





The Snow College cosmetology program prepares students to be a cosmetologist, a barber, a nail technician, or even to open their own salon!  Our students receive a quality education provided by instructors with real-world experience where the students learn the latest trends and train with top quality salon products. They also get experience in the campus salon, participate in the fall runway show, and participate in service opportunities such as visits to the local senior care center to provide salon services to residents. Visit snow.edu/cosmo to learn more!



Industrial Technology: Manufacturing, Mechanics, Machine Tool, & Welding:


Each of our industrial programs provides a thorough knowledge of industry standards, proficiency in state-of-the-art techniques, and the ability to succeed in a competitive job market. Our experienced instructors ensure that our student’s education won’t just come from a textbook, but from hands-on experience, high tech equipment and progressive methods.  Our Industrial Mechanics students learn how to repair, install, and maintain industrial production machinery. Our Machine Tool students are learning how to be a machinist and are prepared to work on manual and computer numerical control machines in nearly any industry. The Industrial Manufacturing program prepares students to read and understand blueprints, make 3D renderings, operate robotics and precision machines. Finally, our Welding students develop highly desirable skills in many industries including fabrication, flame cutting, hand soldering and maintenance. Visit snow.edu/industrialtech to learn more about these programs!



Allied Health: Nursing Programs- CNA, LPN, and RN:


The Snow College Nursing program includes education in the history of nursing and advances in medicine. Our Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program is a one semester course that trains you to have daily contact with patients, gather vital information and communicate that information to supervisors. Our Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program is a two semester program that gives you the experience needed to perform tasks such as monitor patient’s health, check blood pressure, and administer basic patient care. Finally, our Registered Nurse (RN) program is a two semester program that prepares our students to provide and coordinate patient care, educate patients, and operate medical equipment and perform diagnostics.  Visit snow.edu/nursing to learn more!



Natural Resources:


Classes in this program are designed to be highly-field based, where students spend a significant part of the class time in the outdoors. They also have an active Natural Resources Club that works side by side with professionals on fish, wildlife, and vegetation projects. Many of the labs and exams give students the opportunity to learn while enjoying the beauties of the outdoors. Upon graduation, students are qualified to work in career fields such as wildland fighting, forestry, fisheries and aquatic science, geography, and recreation resource management. To learn more visit snow.edu/natres.



General Education:


While many individuals come to Snow College Richfield to get a degree in a “tech” field, what you might not know is that we have many students who choose to attend our campus to earn their associate’s degree in general education and then transfer to other four-year institutions to earn their bachelor’s degree in a specific area. You can choose to take classes such as astronomy, public speaking, photo shop, or even business communication. Visit snow.edu to learn more!



Our students not only work hard in their classes, they play hard! There are student activities all year long, such as bowling night, movie night, dances, finals breakfast, bingo lunch and more! Get involved in one of our many clubs on campus or apply to be on the ambassador team to help with on campus tours. To tour the Richfield campus, call 435-283-2256 or email richfieldcampus@snow.edu.



High School juniors and seniors are also invited to attend Snow Blast in the fall and spring each year. Snow Blast is a FREE event that allows high school students to see what it’s like to be a student at the Richfield campus! To register for a Snow Blast, visit snow.edu/snowblast.