Question from a Utah high school sophomore:

What scholarships do you know about that a sophomore could apply for?

Answer from Jacob Newman, StepUp Utah Paying for College Expert:

That’s a really great question. Many scholarships are geared towards high school seniors, but there are many that you can apply for earlier than that! It’s good to see you are getting an early start. The early bird gets the worm! I have three suggestions for you.

The first one that came to mind (assuming you are in driver’s ed this school year) is the Jiffy Lube scholarships that they offer each year. Remember to look local when pursuing scholarships. Check with your parent’s employer, your bank or credit union, your school, and any organizations that you volunteer for to see if they offer scholarships. Big national scholarships have a lot of applicants but smaller local scholarships have fewer applicants!

Make sure that you are on track to earn the Regents’ Scholarship by taking the right classes and understanding the requirements.

Your senior year you will have to follow through with forms and documentation, and you will have to file your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of the Regents’ Scholarship. The FAFSA is also the way to qualify for grants (free money) work-study (an on-campus job to help pay for school), and federal student loans (money you have to repay with interest).

If I were you, I would consider some of the things that you are interested in and what career you might pursue in the future. 

There are scholarship for your interests and even local scholarships that can help you now! Then using UtahFutures Scholarship Search or other scholarship search engines, look for scholarships that match your interests. To help boost your chances of earning some of this college cash make sure you are involved in extracurricular and volunteering in the community.

Good luck! And let us know how your scholarship search goes. We’re happy to help!

Jacob Newman, Outreach Officer