Congratulations! You just applied for college or just received your acceptance letter.



You now need to decide where you are going to live while attending college.

Fall 2018 seems to be far away; but the fact is, if you wait until the end of this school year, you may be out of luck in getting that comfy dorm you want. The longer you wait the less chance you have to get the housing you want, and may end up on a waiting list.



Call the housing department or visit the website of your college today and find out when you should apply for housing.

For example, housing applications for Dixie State, Southern Utah, and Utah State University are open now; however, you need to be accepted into the college first. Housing for University of Utah opens on February 10, 2018. Most likely, you will be asked to pay an application fee and a small deposit, which may be due online when you apply for housing. The rest of your balance is not due until the semester starts. Then you’ll have the option to setup a payment plan.



Be proactive and call your college or browse their website to find out the specific housing requirements. You can start by asking these questions…

When and where should I apply for housing?

What are the housing options on your campus? (If you are not sure where you want to live while attending college, learn more about the pros and cons of living on campus and living off campus.)

Is there a deposit and/or application fee for student housing?

When is the full payment amount for housing due?

Do I have housing payment plan options?