We’re in the middle of the winter holiday season and there’s no better time to step back from the leftover turkey sandwich, take a break from your holiday shopping, and give thanks to those who have helped you achieve success.

For high school seniors, college application season is in full swing. As you request letters of recommendation, ask counselors for help applying to college during Utah College Application Week events, and have friends and family edit your admission essays, be sure to say thanks!




Have you considered all those who have supported you along your educational journey?



Think about all the teachers, counselors, friends, family members, and institutions that have supported you this far and those that will help shape your future. You are the driving force in your success, but wouldn’t it be so much harder if you were on this path alone?

As a recent college graduate, I have often thought of the people in my life who have been pivotal to my success. Throughout my time in college and beyond, as these people come to mind, I try to reach out and share with them how they have impacted me and say thank you. With Thanksgiving coming up next week, when is a better time to reflect, give thanks, and give back?

Here at the Regents’ Scholarship office, we are grateful for the bright students we get to help each day.  Below are notes from students who have shown gratitude to the scholarship office and inspire us to continue working hard to help more students achieve their academic dreams.



“Because of my ability to put time into my studies, I’ve gotten great internship opportunities and soon a great job. Thank you!” – JR



“I am deeply grateful for this scholarship and the aid to fund my learning. Seriously this means a lot and gives me more freedom of study.” – KL 



Stop into your counselor’s office and say thank you. Send a thank you note to your teachers who have written letters of recommendation on your behalf or inspired you to go to college. Tell your parents how much you appreciate their help with all of your late night school projects.

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward

Take time to reflect and say thank you to the important people in your life!


Cassidy is a Scholarship Specialist with the Regents’ Scholarship and New Century Scholarship team. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Sociology from DePauw University and has experience mentoring students and teaching students with disabilities.