Have you thought about college but aren’t sure if it’s the right choice?

Have you wondered what college classes are like?



Concurrent enrollment (CE) is one of the best ways to experience college while you’re still in high school.


CE classes give you an opportunity to receive both high school and college credit at the same time. CE classes are offered in a variety of subjects including general education classes such as writing, art, math, and science and career and technical education classes such as aviation, business, and welding. Most CE classes are taught at the high school by a high school teacher that has met the academic qualifications to teach college courses.



Best of all, CE classes can save you a lot of money in tuition!




CE classes are offered at $5 per credit so you end up paying $15 for a three-credit class versus $450-$1,600 if you were taking the same class in college.

“Credits” for college classes are a little different than what you may be used to in high school—generally, one college class (like English 1010 for example) equals three credits.



Do you dread having to take a math class in college?




If you take a CE math class in high school, you may never have to take a math class again, depending on your major. StepUp has resources to help you learn more about the CE program (click to see the resources) and decide which classes to take.

Talk to your high school counselor about the specific CE options available at your school.



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By Megan Brown, Academic and Student Affairs Project Manager for the Utah System of Higher Education