College Question from a Utah Parent: If my child graduated from high school last year and left on a mission until 2019, is there any way for him to still apply for scholarships when he comes back?  Or is there a time limit?  He got accepted to BYU for Fall 2019 but didn’t apply for any scholarships, even though he did so many extra-curricular activities and had good grades in high school.”

Answer from our Paying for College Expert, @StepUpKatie

Thanks for being so proactive about this! Your child can certainly apply for scholarships, just not ones that are offered specifically to high school seniors. Now that he has his diploma, he’ll need to look for scholarships geared toward post-high school, current/future college students.

The first place to look is at the college or university he plans to attend. Generally his application for admission to the school will act as his scholarship application for that institution, but it’s good to check with the admissions or financial aid office just in case.  

The second step would be to check locally – he can ask his employer, your employer, his bank or credit union, or community groups he’s involved with about any scholarships or other education incentive programs they may offer.

Finally, he can use scholarship databases like:

 I hope that helps. Best of luck to both of you.

Kindly, Kaylynn (Katie) Wornek, Outreach Officer, 801-321-7245 (office) 775-397-5030 (cell),,