By StepUp Utah Scholars Program Manager, Erika Norton – Posted on September 28th, 2017

Here at StepUp Utah our main goal is to help students achieve their big dreams. Do you want to be a video game designer or a doctor? A college degree will help you achieve your goals. We can help you get there. We want you to be as prepared for college as possible so that when you graduate from high school and go off to college you go there with confidence.

Have you ever wondered what exactly you should be doing to prepare for college? Maybe you have asked “Should you wait until my senior year?” The answer is; start now! You don’t just wake up one day and are in college. There are things you need to be doing each year to help you get there. But what are those things you should be doing? It might seem overwhelming but our Grade-by-Grade checklists will guide you each step of the way. Below is a sampling of our checklists. You can download the complete list for each grade, so that you can check off the things you are doing.

8th Grade Checklist

9th Grade Checklist

  • Read the Utah College Directory to discover what colleges in Utah may be right for you
  • Make a plan to pay for college with your parents

10th Grade Checklist

  • Look for scholarships, and keep track of your achievements using the scholarship toolkit
  • Get involved in school clubs and after school programs

11th Grade Checklist

  • Take classes that can earn you college credit, like AP, IB or concurrent enrollment.
  • Visit college campuses

12th Grade Checklist

It may seem like there are many things you need to do to be ready for college, but that is why we are here. We will help guide you each step of the way. Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns you might have about your college preparation journey at -Erika