MoneyAre you planning to dedicate a portion of your summer free time to applying for scholarships? If not, you may want to consider it. A little bit of time here and a little bit of time there put towards your scholarship search has the potential to save you thousands on college costs throughout your entire time in college.

At StepUp Utah, we remind everyone that you should never have to pay to search for and apply for scholarships. For one, we believe students and parents save and work hard to get that hard earned cash to help pay for their education. You shouldn’t then have to pay someone else to get your applicants submitted for you after you have done all the leg work already. Here are some internet scholarship search sources we have vetted and recommend to Utah’s students and families…

  1. We recommend that students in Utah use local resources like the StepUp Scholarships search engine on Utah Futures.
  2. If you are going to go the national scholarship search route, there are many legitimate scholarship search websites out there that won’t charge just for applying for scholarships. Like these:
    1. UNIGO
    2. Peterson’s
    3. FastWeb
    4. Cappex
    5. Chegg
    6. The CollegeBoard
    7. Niche
    8. CollegeNet
    9. ScholarshipMonkey

It is also important to remember that when looking for scholarships, students and parents should look close to home! Parents can ask their employer if they have tuition benefits. The bank or credit union the student uses might have scholarship opportunities available. Many local businesses and non-profits work to support higher education in our community.

Do you have any other questions about searching and applying for scholarships? Please feel free to contact us any time here on the website using our contact form, on Twitter, on Instagram, or on Facebook any time!