Beginning college can be an exciting time in your life and a little scary. Figuring out your major and buying textbooks are just a few of the many things you’ll have to do. Colleges and universities want you to have a fantastic and successful college experience, and wherever you attend, you should take advantage of the resources your college has for you. At Salt Lake Community College (SLCC), we want to make sure you have a great and successful college experience and encourage all our students to use the resources we have for them.

Some of SLCC’s resources for student success are:

  • Academic and career advising
  • Writing center
  • Tutoring services
  • Career and student employment services
  • Admissions office
  • Dental Hygiene Clinic
  • Printing services
  • Veterans services
  • Student Life & Leadership
  • Center for Health & Counseling
  • Testing center
  • SLCC Bookstore
  • Information Desk & Student Services

We also have these additional resources to help you succeed during and after your time at SLCC:

  • First Year Experience: This program will help connect you with new student orientations, our services, and great learning opportunities.
  • Student Involvement Center: This center provides one-on-one academic advising for you.
  • Thayne Center for Service & Learning: This center gives you access to service/volunteer opportunities and helps teach you the importance of serving the community as well as working with people from different backgrounds.
  • E-Portfolio Lab: As a student at SLCC, you’re strongly encouraged by your professors to have an online portfolio showing the academic highlights of your time at SLCC.
  • Special Collections at the Markosian Library: The library offers special hands-on study tools available for you to use.
  • Disability Resource Center: This center provides accommodations in the classroom, at events and in other situations for you if you need it and qualify for it.

Students who use school resources are more successful, enjoy their educational experience to a greater extent, and continue through to graduation. SLCC offers over 120 degree programs, including career and technical degrees, and career skill certifications. With lots of available resources and programs of study available at SLCC, we have what you need. SLCC is a great place to start.

Stacey Case is an Admission Advisor at Salt Lake Community College where she guides students through admissions and their first semester of college.  Come visit with her at the Admissions Hub at Salt Lake Community College and learn more about how great SLCC is.  You can contact Stacey at: