If you’re going to college next fall, the time has arrived to fill out and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid – or FAFSA. It’s the one and only application that you must submit to find out if you’re eligible to receive federal financial aid to pay for college. Federal financial aid can be…

  • grants (like the Pell grant and grants from your state government),
  • work-study (school schedule-friendly, on-campus jobs),
  • and/or student loans (money you borrow to pay for school that must be paid back later). 

Want to learn more about the FAFSA and the financial aid process? Watch these helpful videos:

We all know that college has quite the price tag. So, unless you have a lifetime of savings or a full-ride scholarship to cover all of your future college expenses, you’ll need to submit your FAFSA in order to receive financial aid to pay for your higher education. It’s a wise idea to submit the FAFSA even if you think you have everything covered through scholarships and/or savings. Why? Because submitting the FAFSA is a good backup plan to cover unexpected expenses you maybe didn’t account for. Plus, you aren’t required to accept any of the aid that is offered to you. The FAFSA is just an application, not a commitment to take out student loans or any type of aid for that matter.

As you and your family gear up to fill out and submit the 2017-18 FAFSA, take advantage of the great resources that are available to you as Utah residents!