By Kira Tadehara 

Scrolling through the directions of how to apply as a transfer student from USU-Eastern to Weber State University was pretty daunting. In case you don’t know what a transfer student is, a transfer student is a student who has already completed 30 credit hours at one college/university, and then moves or “transfers” to another college/university without having to take all the same classes over again. There’s no guarantee all your credits at one college will count towards your degree at another, but most colleges and universities in Utah have an agreement with each other that makes it easy for transfer credits to fulfill their requirements, which is superb!

Anyways, the transfer student application process wasn’t overly awful, just somewhat monotonous. The paperwork (or rather, online work) asked the usual things: name, what school you graduated from, what degree you’re looking to obtain, when you started and ended at your last school. It is also a good idea to have all this information handy when you’re applying to transfer.

So why am I transferring colleges? I graduated from USU-Eastern with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice and began my transfer to Weber State University to obtain a master’s in social work (bachelor’s degree first though). However, before applying, I had to apply to get into the social work program which is made easy since I simply applied during a prerequisite class this fall. Nice!

When I started the transfer application process to Weber, I had to create a new Weber State student account, which wasn’t entirely awful, nor was the applying for the scholarships they suggested I applied for. (Pro-tip: apply for ALL the scholarships!) It took me almost 5 weeks to apply because of my intense dread and the awe-inspiring lack of motivation that caused me to stop half way through the first few times I tried to apply.

Pro-tip: Set a whole day aside and apply from start to finish. Have your Social Security Number, previous university information like graduation dates and credits finished, and your FAFSA information handy.  It will not only ease the pain but also calm your qualms! Write down all the new information and try not to get them mixed up with your previous school.

As soon as I was accepted into the social work program at Weber State University, I received my new student orientation packet, chose my orientation day and toured the campus. The staff on campus were extremely helpful, but the orientation didn’t provide lunch- so remember to bring food or money to buy food!

While the school year has yet to start, I am not too worried. All of my anxiety for the new year stems from my motivation, or lack thereof. The best and most honest tip I can give you is to keep a positive attitude and pet as many dogs as you can. Good luck on the transfer, students!

Kira Tadehara, an aspiring social worker and USU-Eastern alumna, will be attending Weber State University in the fall for her bachelor’s degree. She is a sexual assault victim’s advocate, a soup enthusiast, and a world traveler. You can find her reading or playing with her dog, Taco. Connect with her on Twitter @goodvibeskira.