What’s a Utah Scholar and why you should become one

By Erika Norton If you’re reading this, you’re most likely interested in going to college, right? You’ve also probably heard that college can help you land your dream job and that people who graduate college make more money than those who don’t, right? So, how do you get to college? Many students like you may

Eight reasons why you should live on campus

By John Terry Utah State University’s new residence director shares eight reasons why you should consider living on campus while you’re in college. 1. Being incredibly close to your classes so you can sleep in longer. Let’s face it. ANY time gained in the morning to get more sleep is worth it. As they say, we all

You should take 15 credits per semester. Here’s why.

By Sumiko Martinez on June 9, 2016 By now you might have heard about “15 to Finish” – basically, that you should take at least 15 credit hours per semester of college in order to graduate on time. Full time enrollment is usually considered 12 credits/semester, but there are a lot of great reasons to

My first-generation college student experience

By Jose Morales Diaz I am a first-generation college student and currently a junior at the University of Utah majoring in communication studies. I’m originally from Mexico, but was raised in Salt Lake City. One of my passions is helping students succeed, as I love working within student services in higher education. I hope to eventually become a