Community Service: 5 ways it serves YOU

By Anna Decker – Community Engagement Manager for UServeUtah, Utah’s Commission on Service & Volunteerism. Traditionally service has been considered synonymous with self-sacrifice and is often thought of as something we selflessly give to others. What if I told you that service actually benefits you? I’m not talking about the warm fuzzy, happy feeling that you get from

Matching dollars toward your dreams

What do you want to be when you grow up? Right now it seems miles away, but your dream of being a graphic designer, engineer, EMT, doctor, lawyer, dental hygienist, or nurse is closer than you think. Whether a four-year university is your plan, or a two-year college or technical school would better suit your

Part 2: How to save money on college tuition

By Steve Rogers on April 7, 2016 @Stephen_Rogers_ This is the second blog post in our Limiting College Debt blog series. Read Part I here. Tuition and fees are generally the biggest college cost for students (and parents). Unfortunately, these items never seem to go on sale. The best way to combat the costs of

College Life: 3 invaluable lessons you won’t learn in a classroom

By Bailey Bowthorpe on May 16, 2016 Starting college is overwhelming. In fact, the word ‘college’ often conjures up slightly unpleasant thoughts of long lectures, late night studying, excruciating finals, and too much ramen. Of course, it’s also a lot of fun. It doesn’t matter what college you attend, you’ll learn more than you ever thought

Things I should have done in high school to prepare for college

By Maureen Brakke on May 6, 2016 This month, I asked Maddi Abele, our Utah Scholars intern, to give me a list of things she wishes she would have done in high school to better prepare herself for college. Keep reading to see what she came up with. About Maddi: Maddi, a first-generation college student and a Salt

Contest Giveway!

Throughout the month of May, participate in our Contest Giveaway for a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card!!!! Utah 8th-11th graders, 12th graders AND School Counselors/teachers only: Take a pic of you wearing gear from the college you want to go to OR with a sign showing your college pride OR of your