By Maureen Brakke, on March 24, 2016

You’re almost done! I bet you’re excited. College is fun, but a lot of work.

Here are a few things you can do NOW before you graduate to help make your life easier when you start college:


  • Visit any colleges you’ve been accepted to, and ask about First Year Experience programs.
  • May is Utah College Decision Month. Your college may have a deadline for students to make a final decision about what college they will attend and send in a deposit to hold their place.
  • Sign up for orientation at your college.
  • Once you graduate, send in your final high school transcripts (your official high school records) for college applications and some scholarships. Check with your college to make sure you don’t miss any important documents or deadlines.


  • Check with your college to make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines or documents.
  • Attend new student orientation at your college.
  • If you’re not planning to go to college right away, check with your college to see how you can defer admission.
  • Math pre-requisites and math ACT scores have expiration dates, so make sure you know how quickly you’ll need to fulfill your college math requirements.
  • Once you turn 18, colleges can’t talk to your parents or guardians about your academic information unless you have completed a legal form granting permission to release your information.  Especially if you are planning to do military or religious services before you attend college, make sure you have completed the required form to allow your parents to communicate with the school on your behalf.

Maureen Brakke is a communications specialist with the Utah System of Higher Education. She also manages, and formerly worked as a financial aid and college prep outreach officer with UHEAA. You can find her on Twitter @BrakM30