Ways to Pay for College, Part III

By Sumiko Martinez on November 30, 2015 This is the final part of StepUp Utah’s three-part blog series on how real students pay for college (you can check out Part I here and Part II here). There’s no single right way to finance your college education – but here’s how these two students are making

Ways to Pay for College, Part II

By Sumiko Martinez on November 19, 2015 Welcome to the second part of StepUpUtah’s month-long blog series on the way that real students take the formula of “savings/scholarships/grants/work-study/student loans” and put it into practice to pay for college! If you missed the first installment, you can check it out here. Tina Xu Senior at the

Ways to Pay for College

By Sumiko Martinez on November 12, 2015 November is College Application Month, and that means that high school seniors all around the state are participating in Utah College Application Week! But there’s another side to preparing for college – the financial side. Despite a lot of persistent myths about scholarships and federal student aid, college