By Maureen Brakke on October 6, 2015

The earlier you start thinking about college, the better. When you’re in high school, it’s important to build a strong academic foundation by taking the right courses. This will help you develop an understanding of different course subjects and what is expected of you in college-level courses.

The following recommended courses taken during 9-12 grades have been found to better prepare high school graduates for college and for the work force. These courses also meet the qualifications for the Regents’ Scholarship.

High school course recommendations (3)

(Check the Regents’ Scholarship program guide for a list of approved courses to make sure you’re on track for the scholarship)

To have the best chances of succeeding in college, you should also follow these math recommendations while you’re in high school:

HS math recomm

For more tips on how to prepare for college while in high school, check out the grade-by-grade checklist. This will help you stay on track in high school each year for college.