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#WhyUtahColleges: Utah State University

Utah State University is one of the one of the oldest schools in the Western United States. Since our founding in 1888 as a land-grant university, USU has become a premiere undergraduate research institution known throughout the world for our intellectual and technological leadership.     More than 28,000 students comprise the student body, including

#WhyUtahColleges (BYU): Here Are Our Reasons Y, What’s Yours?

  Choosing where to go to college can be a crazy ride! There are a lot of great options out there– finding the best fit for you can be hard. BYU has a lot to offer! We wanted to share our reasons Y we chose to come to BYU. Hopefully our experiences can help you

#WhyUtahColleges: Why Dixie State University is My Perfect Place to Learn

By Erin Hakoda. Erin is a senior studying mass communication at Dixie State University. She came to St. George from Hawaii to pursue her passion for writing and public relations. On her time off, Erin enjoys dancing and exploring nature. When I was deciding where to go to college, the mere thought of it presented both

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8th Grade

High school doesn’t start until next year, but now is the time to prepare for it. These checklists can help you make sure to get the most of high school and get you starting thinking about your plans after graduation.

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9th Grade

Let StepUp help you get high school off to a strong start—it’s time to start exploring your college options and see what opportunities are out there for you.

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10th Grade

As you get closer to finishing high school, StepUp can help you decide what comes next. This checklist will help you figure out the right classes to take and what certificate or degree you’ll need to live the life you want after graduation.

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11th Grade

This is a big year. Your time in high school is wrapping up, so it’s time to make sure you’re organized for next year. You’ll want to start touring college campuses and deciding what colleges you’ll apply for next year—StepUp can help you figure out what you need to do and when.

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12th Grade

This is the year all your hard work pays off! Stay focused—the finish line is almost in sight.

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